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Xcode and LiveCode and such...

2011-01-20 21:24:12 by gogareen

Oh yes i am skimming the surface of iphone app programming and such. Flash can be used but that requires AS3. Anyway does anyone know how to begin creating a game in LiveCode? Some would call me rushed by going in head first- I believe- is the best way to learn

I am confused

2010-08-15 01:41:39 by gogareen


Roar of The Past

2010-08-13 18:58:57 by gogareen

Posted the first video in my new series hopefully it goes well if this one bombs then i willl haf to cut myself....... not haha any way lol watch it and tell me whatchu think

Supah Smash Bruddahz

2010-07-26 00:31:06 by gogareen

Makin my own version of super smash bros i know i know theres already super smash flash but the one im makin is different soooo you know ill keep you guys posted and help advice and stuff is appreciated


2010-04-30 11:49:53 by gogareen

DAMN it its pico day already i forgot been busy doin schoolwork anyway just wanted to let u guys know that i didnt forget COMPLETELY